Trash To Treasures

Editorial and Poster

An article about the Artist In Residency Program run by SF dump. Artists get full access to materials brought in for recycling and use them to create sculptures and installations. Some works find their home at the Sculpture Garden. Program tours occur every third Saturday and fourth Wednesday of the month.

Trash to Treasures page 1

Trash to Treasures page 2

Artful Trash Management: Poster

This typographic poster was inspired by ‘Artful Trash Management’ philosophy of Bob Johnson and his RiverCubes Project. He and a team of volunteers dredge up and reclaim trash from rivers around Pittsburgh, PA. Their bounty—everything from tires to shopping carts to car seats—gets compressed into surprisingly lovely cube sculptures that are then placed along river banks close to the source of their dumping and retrieval. This project, in a playful way, seeks to redefine and deepen our culture’s relationship with consumption and waste.


Artful Trash Management poster

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