Ink on Water


Saline Valley: Animism

Canyon Lands

The Fall: Canyon Lands

Desert Rain

Letters and Cards: Desert Rain

Five Lands Path

Letters and Cards: Five Lands Path

Standing In The Wind

By Wind: Standing In The Wind

From The Air

Letters and Cards: From The Air

Joyful Pearl

By Wind: Joyful Pearl


By Wind: Smoke


Composed: Sunset

The Rise

Saline Valley: The Rise

Where Water Falls From The Sky

The Fall: Where Water Falls From The Sky

Breath Visible

For Inmost Words: Breath Visible

A Japanese marbling technique, Suminagashi translates to spilled ink. Ink designs float as a myriad rings and shapes on the water’s surface: moved by the artist’s breath, air currents, vibrations underground, laws of physics. Invisible flows reveal themselves, reflecting and responding to feeling and intention, but never to hard will. The lines are in constant flux: which moment to capture? No design can be repeated twice. Each piece is a numinous imprint of a moment in space, time and heart, a message from the ten thousand things.